The Christian Cannabis Fellowship was founded in 2007 by Jim Black as a religious endorsement.


The mission of the Christian Cannabis Fellowship is to present a Godly view toward cannabis; rehabilitating modern Christianity to its truths.



 Because we believe in the fundamental teachings of Christianity. Salvation comes only through Jesus and no other way. It does not come from using a sacrament. It does not come from moving into an altered state of mind other than that induced by the Holy Spirit. The use of cannabis to reach God is considered to be “Pharmakeia” and an unacceptable practice for those within our group.


Recognizing that God supplies our every need, Cannabis meets our most fundamental needs as food and medicine. Possessing the knowledge that of the modern drugs we deal with today, only Cannabis and Alcohol existed when the bible was written. Recognizing also that one of the most fundamental beliefs within Christianity is that the bible is the “inspired word of God, penned by Man.” We draw attention to the fact there are more than 20 warnings against Alcohol, yet not as single directed at Cannabis. Even those were directed toward Sobriety, which is a matter of Responsibility opposed to abstinence. Yet putting more importance toward the plant than what God did is raising it above God is “Idol” worship and another form of “Pharmakeia.”


A group of like minded believers who do not give up their base faith, but instead accept and have faith that God put Cannabis on earth for a reason. Recognizing that nothing negative that is said about Cannabis comes from biblical teachings; they come only through the teachings of man. Man has learned how to misuse and abuse many of God’s gifts. Cannabis is simply one of them.


We recognize that it was first given as food, therefore non-poisonous removing it from the “Pharmakia Argument”. We farther remove it by receiving it with prayers of thanksgiving giving it back to the lord for him to use it as HE wishes and not OUR OWN; therefore we are not using it for demoniac worship or rituals. Just because MANKIND has learned how to misuse cannabis does not mean that God did not have a PROPER use for it. Given first as food, then medicine and finally educator, becoming the fundamental building block of all technology. God’s complete package for man’s survival.

We apprehend that the “natural” state of Cannabis is more Hemp like; not that of Marijuana. If anything good has come out of Cannabis Prohibition, it is the better definition of our Milk and “Strong Meat” in the form of Hemp and Medical Marijuana. Now in a time when we should be teaching the proper use and application of Medical Marijuana; we instead are forced to win people over to the fundamental truths of Hemp.

It is not the intention to change anyone’s base religious views toward their salvation. Obviously having included the name “Christian”, I believe in salvation through our lord, Jesus Christ. And only through Christ.


I, Mr. James A. Black, do hereby announce and reserve my rights of freedom of religious expression given under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1984, codified as Subchapter VI of Chapter 21 of 42 U.S.C. § 2000e.

I am held accountable by the LORD GOD to share the gospel message with anyone and everyone that I meet who is willing to participate in a voluntary conversation regarding the WORD of GOD, the Bible, and any relating subject’s and/or issues. For reference please see Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19-20.


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  1. Cat Springs says:

    I would like to add your website to our “links” page (http://www.christianmarijuanaorganization.org/Links.html).


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