[2] “Dualism” Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem

‘The Biblical account rules out “dualism”. This is the idea that both God and the material universe have eternally existed side by side. Thus, there are two ultimate forces in the universe, God and matter.
The problem with dualism is that it indicates an eternal conflict between God and the evil aspects of the material universe. Will God ultimately triumph over evil in the universe? We cannot be sure, because both God and evil have apparently always existed side by side. This philosophy would deny both God’s ultimate lordship over creation and also that creation came about because of God’s will, that it is to be used solely for his purposes, and that it is to glorify him. This viewpoint would also deny that all of the universe was created inherently good (Gen.1:31) and would encourage people to view material reality as somewhat evil in itself, in contrast with a genuine biblical account of a creation that God made to be good and that he rules over for his purposes.
One recent example of dualism in modern culture is the series of “Star Wars” movies, which postulate the existence of a universal “force” that has both a good and an evil side. There is no concept of one holy and transcendent God who rules over all and will certainly triumph over all. When non-Christians today begin to be aware of a spiritual aspect to the universe, they often become dualists, merely acknowledging that there are good and evil aspects to the supernatural or spiritual world. Most “New Age” religion is dualistic. Of course, Satan is delighted to have people think that there is an evil force in the universe that is perhaps equal to God himself.’ -Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology


-in drug war toxicology studies, they build on an axiom that states “everything is toxic, there are no harmless substances. There are only less harmful ways of using substances.”

do you see the “all matter is evil” implications that is expressed through the corollary truths they have built? Satan loves it when we label a plant that can build our houses, power our cars, alleviate the suffering of cancer victims, and nourish and clothe the poor, a “devil weed”.

many of the Gnostics of the second century were Dualists. And they were refuted by faithful men. Those same refutations of the Gnostics are, for the most part, suitable for uprooting those same Gnostic tendencies springing up through the postmodern world view of the proponents of the war on drug users.

There’s a counterfeit here. It looks just like sin looks, a beautiful fake that burns anyone who takes it. An opposite reality, trying to exist alongside the Scriptures as equal to God. A darkness to fill the absence of the Light. A Gnosis… so falsely called.

-I’m going to add this here, because it definitely fits.

Handbook for Spiritual Warfare -archai and exousiai

There is one more area of insight into the work of the powers among men which needs to be considered: the strategy of supernatural evil in manipulating human institutions and social structures to work evil among humanity. Walter Wink is the Champion of this more socio-cultural institutional view of spirit evil. He says that we must see Paul including here in 6:12
‘all the archai and exousiai… not only divine but human, not only personified but structural, not only demons and kings but the world atmosphere and power invested in institutions, laws, traditions and rituals as well, for it is the cumulative, totalizing effect of all these taken together that creates the sense of bondage of a “dominion of darkness” (see Col. 1:13) presided over by higher powers.
Wink holds the kosmokratoras to include all who hold mastery over the world, the spirit of empire, and
“all forms of institutional idolatry, whereby religion, commerce, education, and state make their own well-being and survival the final criteria of morality, and by which they justify the liquidation of prophets, the persecution of deviants, and the ostracism of opponents”
Wink continues saying that it is the “suprahuman dimension of power in the institutions and the cosmos which must be fought, not the mere human agent “ The institution will perpetuate itself no matter who the human agent “because that is what the institution requires for it’s survival” Finally, he says that it is “this suprahuman quality which accounts for the apparent ‘heavenly’ bigger than life, quasi-eternal character of the powers”

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