[1] International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE): Sin

Heb: a missing; rebellion; transgression; perversion; evil in disposition; impiety

GK: missing the mark; transgression; unrighteousness; impiety; lawlessness; depravity; evil desire

Sin is to be defined primarily in relation to God. It is disobedience, unbelief, ignorance, the positive assertion of usurped autonomy, and the wicked deviation from, or violation of, God’s Righteous Will and Law. The breach of a right relationship with God carries with it the disruption of a right relationship with others and the disintegration of the self. But this is derivative, for it is because of sin against God that there is sin against others and oneself (Ps. 51:4) [MT 6]
A feature of the Biblical definition is that sin is not just a lack, a failure, or a deficiency. The ignorance that is sin involves not only the lack of True knowledge but also the substitution of falsehood. Sin is commission as well as omission. Yet this must not be pressed too far. Sin has no place in the positive will of God, nor does God allow the existence of another reality alongside and equal to His own creation. In the last analysis sin only has a negative or parasitic reality. It’s positive reality is paradoxical and secondary, as is clearly illustrated by the manner of it’s entry into human life.
Inwardness of the Moral Law- The Biblical narratives, too, show us the passage over from sin conceived of as the violation of external commands to sin conceived of as an unwillingness to keep the commandments in the depths of the inner life. The course of Biblical history is one long protest against conceiving of sin in an external fashion.


did you catch this? “The ignorance that is sin involves not only the lack of True knowledge but also the substitution of falsehood”

Does the devil have horns and a pitchfork? Or does he appear as though he were a minister of light?

Sin is a counterfeit. It is seductive. It is appealing to the eye, and it makes sense to the sinner. And it can accomplish this through a false image in our world view. Satan telling Eve, “you will not die”… a false image in her world view.

I guess what I’m saying here is, sin is not only the absence of truth, but it is also a counterfeit in the place of truth.
-And that’s a good contrast to repentance. Repentance simply means to change your mind. But Christian repentance also carries the implication that one has changed their minds to agree with the Lord. Not just to turn from sin, but to also turn then to God.

and how do we know the counterfeit? What is the truth that we must turn to?

“In the matter of religious Truth the question of reality is in the source of the Truth in the Lord Jesus Christ, guaranteed by His resurrection from the dead, and the authenticity of the revelation which He has given through the Word which conveys all Truth to us. The authority cannot be in man or in a group of men, nor in an organization of men. It cannot, therefore, be in a Church, whatever its nature or pretensions. The authority must be in the Word of Christ’s revelation, and in that alone. It is this that must be believed”
-Mr. Barnhouse

The resurrection of Jesus is a historically attested reality. A man was put to death and then three days later He come out of the grave.
Is that fact real to you? or is it something you just have a hard time believing really happened. It’s ok to challenge your beliefs, it’s ok to search for truth and it’s important to stay true to what you believe.

do you really believe that Gospel message about God coming to visit us in the flesh? Just showed up a human just like you and me, pitched his tent with us for a bit?

Why not Thor? Or some other religion that was around before Jesus telling a counterfeit- or I mean- similar story…

Do you really believe in Jesus, our Lord and Savior?

I tell you now, any other reality, is a counterfeit

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