5 Popular But Harmful (Classes of) Drugs That Can Be Replaced With Marijuana

When I read this article this morning I felt compelled to write about it.

5 Popular But Harmful Drugs That Can Be Replaced With Marijuana – Exposing The Truth.

The TRUTH is, almost every drug, known, made by man ______________ Marijuana.

  • is more harmful to us than
  • has little nutritional value; unlike
  • is poisonous, but not
  • interacts within our bodies in the same manner as
  • mimics God’s creation
  • is mostly accepted by bible followers over God’s

All of those statements are true.

The title of this article would of been more accurately titled had they included the words “Classes of” in front of the word Drugs.

  1. Pain Killers
  2. Tranquilizers
  3. Anti-depressants
  4. Over The Counter (Aspirin and Tylenol)
  5. Alcohol
  6. Cannabis (Marijuana)

Out of the 6 classes of drugs mentioned in this article only 2 existed when the bible was written: Cannabis & Alcohol  There is 21 warnings against alcohol in the bible, while none against cannabis. Why do we accept the teachings of man over those of the bible? God was not worried about it why should we.


About Jim Black

I founded the Christian Cannabis Fellowship in 2007.
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3 Responses to 5 Popular But Harmful (Classes of) Drugs That Can Be Replaced With Marijuana

  1. Alex Horton says:

    I have been looking for fellowship with brothers and sisters who also use marijuana. Would you be able to point me in the right direction.

    Thank you.


    • jefferylucas says:

      Hey Alex,
      I’ve been looking my whole life, LoL! It’s hard, but Christians who use cannabis are few and far between. I think the closest thing to a congregation that I’ve come across is our facebook page, Christian Cannabis Fellowship. We hold true to Christian orthodoxy and resources in our studies, unlike many other groups. Most of us are Protestants it seems, And all of us feel real alienated in Church over this issue.
      But the hope is that it’s changing. As the paradigm shift of public opinion continues on, more and more Christians are being forced to revisit the issue of cannabis use because they cannot remain consistent in their prohibitionist opinions. I don’t really imagine cannabis consumers going out and forming their own church organization, beyond small home groups, but I can clearly imagine all of us becoming accepted in the churches we are in (or came out of) eventually.
      Remember, it’s the whole of society that has embraced prohibition, and not just limited to Christian churches. And I think that the churches will come out of it in time, just like the rest of soceity… it just seems sometimes that it’s the Churches that drag their feet about it the most.
      We’re just now kind of getting this WordPress site going, and hopefully it makes a good platform for communicating, sharing, and fellowship. But right now, the facebook page is where most of the energy has been directed. We’ve got a pretty good group going, imo. If you’re not already in, I’d sure invite you to join and check it out!


      • Alex Horton says:

        Thanks for the invitation. I am not currently on Facebook, and while it sounds tempting to go on to join the fellowship, due to the nature of Facebook, everyone else in my life would then know I use marijuana. I will keep the group in mind, though, and hope that this blog takes off and becomes a good community as well.


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