Hemp Paper Bibles

History tells us that before 1890, 75-90% of all published books were printed on hemp paper. Hemp paper’s excellent strength to weight ratio made it most popular in printing bibles. It made the bible greatly more portable; moving it from the cathedral to the saddlebag. I am lead to believe that hemp paper played a very major role in developing many of the religious denominations that now reject it. Religious freedom coupled with greater portability went on to form the 900+ religious denominations found in the US.

It is not hard to believe that cannabis prohibition would have had a direct negative effect on bible sales. Cannabis was a very useful plant long before MAN learned how to misuse it. As hemp it benefited Christianity. The hypocrisy taught our fathers and grandfathers through the #1 news source of the time: The Hearst Newpapers. Cannabis prohibition made the Hearst and DuPont families billion$. Now the hypocrisy continues with man’s Pharmakia over God’s natural plant. While hemp paper is important; hemp as food and medicine is more important. A lot is said about medical marijuana, little is ever said about the healing qualities of hemp. As a food source it gives our bodies all the nutrients necessary for life. The lord leads me to believe that it is the only plant on earth that can 100% support human life.


About Jim Black

I founded the Christian Cannabis Fellowship in 2007.
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